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                                           Ultra Protector Series
          Ultra Protector Series is simple whole life insurance designed to help prepare loved
          ones for future financial obligations. Ultra Protector Series has low face amounts, high
          issue ages, guaranteed level premiums, a level death benefit, and a guaranteed issue option.
          Plus, additional benefits at no additional cost to the policyholder.
                                                                      Three products to fit different situations:
                                                                        Ultra Protector I - Full death benefit
                                                                        Ultra Protector II - 2-year graded death benefit
                                                                        Ultra Protector III - 3-year graded death benefit; guaranteed issue
                      Full death benefit payable for accidental death
                      Face amounts ranging from $2,000 to $30,000
                      No medical exams
                      Every client can qualify for coverage
                      Children’s Term Rider available on Ultra Protector
                      Terminal Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider included at no additional coston Ultra Protector I2
                      Coverage cannot be cancelled because of age or health
                      Guaranteed level premiums
                                                       Simplified Issue Term
                                                       Proof of Mortgage Not Required
                                                       Non-med limit of $400,000 ($250,001 – $400,000 with saliva test)
                                                       Issued Standard through Table 6
                                                       Disability Income Rider available
                                                       Definition of disability - ‘own occupation’
                                                       Cash Back option
                                                       Faxed Application Program
                                                           Traditional Whole Life       
                                                                              UL & Indexed UL