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IAAmerican (IAA)
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20 year no lapse guarantee based on minimum premium
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About IAA
Industrial Alliance Pacific Insurance and Financial Services Inc. (IAP), and IA American Life Insurance Company (IAA), are subsidiaries of Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. (IA), a Canadian life and health insurance company.

Established in 1892 and built on a foundation of strength and reliability, IA’s history has been one of continuous, strategic growth with a focus on putting customers first.

                                                            1892 – Foundation of Alliance Nationale in Montreal.

                                                            1905 – Foundation of Industrial Life Insurance Company in Quebec City.

                                                            1982 – Acquisition by Industrial of The North West Life, now known as Industrial Alliance Pacific.

                                                            1985 – Acquisition of The North West Life Assurance Company of America.

                                                            1987 – Merger of Industrial and Alliance, and creation of Industrial-Alliance Life Insurance Company.

                                                            1988 – Acquisition of The National Life Assurance Company of Canada, located in Toronto.

                                                            1996 – Merger of Industrial Alliance and The Solidarity, a life insurance company based in Quebec City.

                                                            1999 – Acquisition of Seaboard Life Insurance Company (Vancouver)
                                                                          and merged into Industrial Alliance Pacific (IAP), United States Branch.

In 2007, the US Division offices were established in Scottsdale, Arizona furthering our commitment to growing the US market.

IAP and IAA’s financial strength are respectively rated A (Excellent) and A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best, their third and fourth highest ratings. These ratings are assigned to companies that have achieved excellent overall performance and have a strong ability to meet their obligations to policyholders over a long period of time.

Today, the IA companies operate internationally in all regions of Canada and the United States. Collectively, they contribute to the financial well-being of over 3 million customers, employ more than 3400 people and manage and administer over $50 billion in assets.

As we work towards the future, the foundation of IA’s success remains unchanged. Just as we have demonstrated for more than 115 years, IA will continue to provide you with proven financial security products worthy of your trust.