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United Home Life Insurance Company
 UHL's Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Product

 Introducing UHL's

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance


... yet another edition to our outstanding product portfolio!

Product Available September 1, 2010!!!


That's right! You heard correctly!

September 1st is right around the corner and our


Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance


product will be available for immediate use in most states!

No Medical Questions!!!


No Medical Exams!!!


No Medical Tests!!!


*GIWL sales can be no more than 25% of an agent's total production.  An agent must place 3 non-Guaranteed Issue policies (excluding Accidental Death Protector) for every 1 GIWL application written.

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Always Listening. Always Evolving.

Your Leader in the Simplified Issue Marketplace.

Simplified Products--Faster Results
Simple Applications

Non Medical Underwriting-No Exam, No Blood, No HOS

Agents May Fax in Applications

Company will Draft Initial Premium

Agents Deal Directly with Home Office

Annualized Commission Paid Daily
No need to see customer---OK for phone, mail, or internet sales
        Know Before You Go Underwriting Available on TPSIII and Term Portfolio

The “Know Before You Go” underwriting process is simple. This Point of Sale underwriting process with a Personal History Interview completed at Point of Sale allows you to know how the case will be handled once it gets to the home office.  And if there is any adverse history developed during the PHI, you will be able to discuss one of the alternative term plans with the applicant. Of course, the Point of Sale PHI is not mandatory. If you would rather just submit the case and let the home office process an outbound PHI, no problem.


UHL's Simplified Issue Term Portfolio

Know Before You Go Underwriting

Express Issue Term Plus (EIT+)                 Premier 20 (ROP)

Express Issue Term 30 (EIT 30)                  Premier 30 (ROP)
 Express Issue Term to Age 65                    Premier 65  (ROP)


Maximum Face Amount

Ages 20-45                                $200,000

                                   Ages 46-55                                $150,000 (Term to 65 is Age 50)

                            Ages 56-60                                $100,000 (20 Yr Term Only)


Simple Non Med App---Table 4 Issued Standard

Express Issue Deluxe 20


Issue Ages 20-60   up to $50,000 Face Amount


Same Simple Non Med App—Issued through Table 8 


Graded Benefit Term 10 (Limited Death Benefit for First Two Years)


Issue Ages 25-60*   up to $25,000 Face Amount


Same Simple Non Med App—Issued through Table 16


Total Protection Series III- Final Expense Portfolio


Know Before You Go Underwriting

For a quick summary, click              TPS III Highlights                 



Total Protection III is a Whole Life portfolio that combines three distinct products in one, easy-to-use application.


Key Features:

  • Simplified application with a limited number of health questions
  • No routine medical exams, blood work, urine testing or physician's statements
  • Level, guaranteed premiums
  • Commissions paid daily
  • Annualization available
  • Easy Yes/No application
  • Quick underwriting turnaround


    UFFL Logo 

Express Issue Whole Life

(Graded Benefit Whole Life Insurance)

  • Ideal for clients with significant health issues
  • Previously declined applicants considered
  • Graded benefit during the first two years
  • Free idenity theft benefit
  • Free extended hospital stay
  • Free common carrier accidental death benefit
  • Issue age 25-80
  • Coverage $2,000 to $25,000

Express Issue Deluxe

(Immediate Death Benefit Whole Life Insurance)

  • Standard issue through Table 8
  • Ideal for clients with insulin dependent diabetes
  • Issue ages 20-80
  • Coverage amounts from $5,000 to $50,000
  • Child Rider and Accidental Death Benefit available


Express Issue Premier

(Immediate Death Benefit Whole Life Insurance)

  • Standard issue through Table 4
  • Ideal for clients with minor health issues
  • Issue ages 20 to 80
  • Coverage amounts from $5,000 to $100,000 through issue age 60; $50,000 for issue ages 61 to 80
  • Child Rider and Accidental Death Benefit Rider available.                                        

    Plans and benefits may not be available in all states.

       Accident Only Life


Issue Ages             18-60 (ANB)

                 Face Amount        Three Face Amounts from which to Choose

 Initial Face Amount                     Premium**

    $50,000                                 $147.50
      $75,000                                 $196.50
  $100,000                                 $245.00
**Premium the same for all ages, both sexes, and regardless of tobacco use.  
 Face Amount Doubles over 20 Year Term Period
   Built in Return of Premium
   100% of Annual Premiums refunded at End of 20th Year
No Health Questions
 (May be excluded for occupation or avocation)
 Perfect for uninsurable.
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